CC architect

Architect's fees


Before any work is undertaken by the architect, the client shall provide proof of payment of a refundable deposit.  The deposit is calculated at 10% of the total architect's fees based on the project's budget as stated in the Brief.  A minimum deposit amount of R10 000,00 is payable if the scope of the works cannot be defined at commencement.  The deposit is refundable on payment of CC Architects' final invoice, which can be issued on the following benchmarks:

  • On completion of CC Architects services (as agreed).
  • On suspension of work as directed by the client.
  • On Final Completion as per JBCC & JBCC Minor Works Agreement.
  • Should the client default on payment, the deposit shall not be refunded, but used to settle overdue invoices


Any work undertaken by the architect shall be reimbursed to him by the client at the following time based rates. The benefit of time based fees are that it gives the client scope to dream as the fees are not based on size of project. Secondly, the client gets professional advice as the fees are not based on what goes into the project.

  • Directors:                                                           R   1400/ hour
  • Personnel & Technical staff:                              R    750/ hour
  • The fees exclude VAT.
  • Fees are payable on a monthly basis on presentation of the invoice.
  • Fees estimates is an indication or estimate and it may vary as the building or design change.
  • Fees are based on an hourly basis and can vary depending on circumstances, but for Stages 1 - 3 my fees are capped as per the Gazetted Fees.
  • Fees are capped for Stage 1-3 as per Gazetted Fees.
  • The capped fee for stages 1-3 would be calculated on the construction value.
  • Stage 4 cannot be capped, as it depends on the builder, type of construction method and agreement, on how many times and for how long I have to be on site.  We can discuss in detail closer to the time to minimize costs.
  • Please note that appointment and related work for each stage, can be done separately on an ad hoc basis.
  • If the project is stopped due to the termination by the client, fees for work done will be payable.  Claims against the architect by the client shall be dealt with separately and the client may not withhold payment of any part of the fees or disbursements due to the architect.
  • Maximum monetary value of any or all liability cannot be more than the current Professional Liability Insurance Value.


In addition to the professional fees stated above the following cost incurred in connection with the project shall be reimbursed to the architect by the client:

  • Director Traveling  >15 minutes per one-way trip is 60% of normal hourly fee*.
  • Travelling rate includes vehicle fuel, maintenance & insurance.
  • Reproduction, photocopies or printing cost of drawings or documentation.
  • Maps, models or photographs necessary for administering the building contract.
  • Premium on any special insurance required by the client.
  • Any structural or chemical or other tests.
  • Any payments to specialist or consultants i.e. quantity surveyors, town planners, land surveyors, engineers etc.
  •  Documenting existing structures.