CC architect


"When embarking upon the decision to invest in property, one of the first issues to decide is whether or not to employ an architect. In some ways architects are shrouded in mystery so that people do not know what they are letting themselves in for. For the most part, the common prejudice exists that an architect is an unnecessary expense. Here follow some of our points of view in this regard."

Stage 0: Documentation of Existing

  • Measure up existing structures.
  • Document existing structures as basis for further drawings.
  • Contract a land surveyor to survey the site contours, trees, structures and other topographical features.

"In the case of renovations, clients must supply plans of the existing house (Scale 1:100) or , if no such plans can be found or are inaccurate, CC Architects shall be instructed to document the existing at an agreed rate."

Stage 1: Concept Design

  • Appraise and report on the requirements.
  • Prepare a design showing space provisions, planning relationships, standard of materials intended, quality and suitability of services - in sufficient detail to enable the design to be approved by you.
  • Advise you on the need for the appointment of consultants.
  • Advise you on the feasibility of the project as designed, the estimated cost and statutory requirements.
  • (also see Project Stages for more info)

"I believe that by proper design, such as having a long term plan for the extension of your property, you are able to add on in stages or all at once, knowing that you will not encounter structural or technical problems later on. This implies that you will be adding value to your estate instead of creating a suburban squatter camp. Having proper designs for a feasibility study gives you the added advantage that if the study is positive, the project can be built as designed and if the study does not have the wanted results, you know that the numbers you were looking at were based on fiction instead of facts."

Stage 2: Design Development & Statutory Documentation

  • Do a cost estimate(s) or have it done by a Quantity Surveyor depending on the scope of work.
  • Develop the design to be able to make detailed decisions.
  • Prepare drawings and documentation for approval by the City Council (if required).
  • Do SANS10400 glazing-, insulation- and energy calculations.
  • (also see Project Stages for more info)

Stage 3: Technical Documentation

  • Prepare working drawings, specifications and other technical documents necessary for the execution of the project.
  • Correlate the work of any consultants in preparation of their documentation.
  • (also see Project Stages for more info)

Stage 4: Contract Administration and  inspection

  • Call for tenders and/or negotiate the building contract where required.
  • Advise you regarding the award of the building contract and the completion of contract documents.
  • Administer the building contract, certify amounts payable and inspect the works.
  • Do site regular site inspection & minutes of meetings.
  • (also see Project Stages for more info.)

Supplementary Services:

  • Cupboard design
  • Interior design & - consultation
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Model building